Satopanth Lake and Swargarohini Trek


Garhwal (Uttarakhand)




₹ 14500


7 Days


Mar-Jun, Sep-Dec


Moderate +


Day 1

Arrive Haridwar, Take bus to Badrinath [3100 Mtrs.] [Drive/200 Kms/6-7 Hrs]

Day 2

Acclimatization walk towards Neelkanth base camp / CharanPaduka [3700 Mtrs.] and return to Badrinath[Trek /5-7 hrs]

Day 3

Badrinathto Lakshmivan [3650 Mtrs.] via Mana, Anandvan, ChamtoliBugyal[trek /5-7 Hrs]

Day 4

Lakshmivam to Chakrateerh [4100 Mtrs.] via Bandhar and Shahtradhara[Trek /5-7 Hrs]

Day 5

Chaktrateerth to Satopanth Lake [4350 Mtrs.] [Trek /5-7 Hrs]

Day 6

Satopanth Lake to SomKund, Surya Kund, Vishnu Kund and Swargarohini [4600 Mtrs.], Return to Lakshmivan[Trek /5-7 Hrs]

Day 7

Laksmivan to Badrinath via Mana[Trek /5-7 Hrs]

Day 8

Badrinath to Haridwar[Drive/200 Km /6-7 Hrs]


Trek to Satopanth Lake and Swargarohini

SatopanthTaal is a pristine, green water lake in Uttarakhand, located in the midst of snow-capped peaks at an altitude of 4,350 meters and 28 kilometers from Badrinath. The lake is considered to be of religious significance.

According to Hindu mythology and folklore, Pandavas went to heaven via this Lake and taking the Swargarohinisteps (located at base of Choukhambhamountain).On their way to heaven, Draupadi and all brothers expect Yudhisthir died on the way. Yudhisthir was accompanied by a dog (who was none other than Yamraj) throughout his journey.Draupadi died few kms after Mana. Her biased love towards Arjuna in-spite of being wife of five brothers is attributed as the reason for her death.Nakul died at Lakshmivan due to his arrogance about one’s looks( handsomeness). Sahdev died at Shahastradhara and his pride about about his knowledge is attributed as the cause of the death. Extreme pride about his valor, bravery led to Arjuna’s death at Chakrateerth, Bhima collapsed at Satopanth Lake due his false show off of power and glutton nature, Only Yudhisthir reached the steps of Swargarohini and then walked all the way towards heaven.

It is widely believed that on the auspicious day of Ekadashi; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh take bath at three corners of the lake along with Gandharvas and Apsaras.

Presence of birds at this altitude is surprising. Locals say, these birds are sages who keep the water of lake clean by picking up any debris that falls in the lake.

On the way of Satopanth trek you will get magnificent view of Swachhand, Balakun, Neelkanth, ParvatiParvat, Choukhambha peaks also Divine Satopanth Lake along with SomKund (was dried up), Surya Kund, Vishnu Kund and Swargarohini, Hundreds of waterfalls originating from Neelkanth at Shahastradhara, Snout of Alakhnanda river, reptured/torn glaciers, numerous crevasse, Bhojpatra trees at Lakshmivan&Meadows with different variety of flowers blooming high.
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