Roopkund & Junargalli Pass Trek


Garhwal (Uttarakhand)


Jnargalli Pass (4750 Mtrs.)


₹ 11500


7 Days


May-Jun, Sep-Oct


Moderate +


May - Jun & Sep - Oct


Day 1

go to site Kathgodam – Vaan (2150 Mtrs.) (Drive / 250 Kms / 8 – 9 Hrs)

Day 2

follow url Vaan (2150 Mtrs) – GairoliPatal (2550Mtrs) (Trek / 5 – 6 Hrs)

Day 4

Bednibugyal (3350 Mtrs) – Bhagubasa (4100 Mtrs) (Trek / 5 – 6 Hrs)

Day 5

Bhagubasa (4100 Mtrs) – Roopkund&Junargalli(4750 Mtrs) – PatalNauchaniya (3850 Mtrs) (Trek / 7 – 8 Hrs)

Day 6

PatalNauchaniya – Bednibugyal – Van (Trek / 5 – 6 hrs)

Day 7

Vaan – Kathgodam (Drive / 8-9 Hrs)


Roopkund is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand.Roopkund (locally known as Mystery Lake) is a high altitude glacial lake that lies in the lap of Trishul massif and famous due to hundreds of human skeletons found at the edge of the lake. The location is uninhabited and is located in Himalaya at an altitude of about 4800 metres. The lake is surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow clad mountains, making it a good trekking destination.

Trekking in India and choosing the Roopkund trek is an adventurous journey which passes through many exotic and beautiful locations. As you trek towards the lake, you would find lush green grassy land and conifer forest ranging towards the fall of hills. Roopkund is a picturesque, beautiful and attractive tourist destination in the Himalayas. Located at the base of two Himalayan peaks, Trishul and Nandghungti, it attracts people who have an adventurous side to life. There are religious festivals that take place in autumn, held at the alpine meadow of BedniBugyal, where the nearby villages participate.

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Day 2

Vaan Village, Dauliyadhar, GharoliPatal, Ranukadhar, LatuDevta Temple, Huge(extremely high and wide) cyprustrees.Neelganga, GairoliPatal

Day 3

Ali Bugyal, Chaubari, BedniBugyal, BedniKund (Vedas were written here), Temples inside and around BedniKund, Tail-less rats @ BedniKund

Day 4

Anual Rudi/Riuti(Slipping goats), GhoraLautani (Horses returned), PattharNachauni(Dancing stones), Trail to Bhuna/Kanol/Sitel, BagjiBugyal, KeedaJadi (Ophiocordycepssinensis/Yaarsagumba)

Day 5

ChotaKaluVinayak, KaluVinayak, Bhagwabhasa(Adove of Tiger), Rani kaSuleda (Queen gave birth to a son), HuniaThal(Camping place of Huns),Chinna Nag (Lord shiva removed Snake), Roopkund Lake, Skeletons/Bones in and around lake,Junargalli

Visible Peaks




Trishul, Mrigthuni

Kali Daak